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This four–part video introduces our PicoScope 6 software, and gives an overview of its main features and latest additions.

Welcome to PicoScope tv

Here you will find a collection of videos that will show you how to get the most out of PicoScope Oscilloscope Software.

Whether you’re a novice PicoScope user, someone who just wants to find our more about PicoScope, or one of the legion of long–term PicoScope users, these free–to–watch videos will help increase your knowledge and understanding.

What’s on

Channel 1: General

This channel demonstrates many of the features that are available in both PicoScope and PicoScope Automotive software, as such it is suitable for all.

Channel 2: Automotive

If you want to use PicoScope Automotive to diagnose vehicle faults then this is the channel for you. These videos will show you how to use PicoScope to perform specific vehicle tests.

Download your free copy of PicoScope

PicoScope software is free to download and use. Even if you haven’t yet bought your PicoScope USB Oscilloscope or PicoScope Vehicle Diagnostics Kit you can still use the demo mode to try the many features of PicoScope and its intuitive controls.

Two versions of PicoScope are available: if your interests are test and measurement then ‘PicoScope’ is for you, if you want to diagnose faults on vehicles then ‘PicoScope Automotive’ will work with any type of vehicle.

PicoScope Automotive

PicoScope Automotive


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